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Radd Pitt Shitt


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Totally gotta see Eagulls in June

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Transformation - Princess Mononoke

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what do you like and not like in a girl?

Asked by Anonymous

I like a girl to be real, real with me and real with herself, not really caring about the trends, someone who would hit me as hard as they can no questions asks, someone who’s kind of an asshole to me, someone who can take sarcasm and dish it right back, not too clingy I don’t want you on my arm all the time because I hate holding hands in public and pda in general, someone who likes my music, someone who doesn’t need to be with me all the time and is fine with me wanting to be alone sometimes, someone who I can just fucking talk to and want to share my time with, someone interesting I guess, basically me but in a girls body?

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In the Racing Shell

Joaquin Sorolla y Bastida - 1910

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Sharon Tate / Esquire magazine, 1967.


Jennifer Keats

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John Rocha_from collection Autumn Winter 2013
model Amanda Nimmo

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Document Journal Fall 2012 - Liya Kebede by Collier Schorr